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Can Functional Medicine Treat Depression?

Depression affects millions of Americans, and finding the right path to treatment can be difficult for some of those individuals. The increased stresses from the world over the past few years have turned a spotlight on treatment for this condition, and many people want to find some help without the use of antidepressants. 

Functional Medicine has the potential to treat some of these problems related to depression. The approach of Functional Medicine is to identify the root cause of a problem. When tackling depression, that means zeroing in on the reason for your condition, and then putting the focus on that root cause. Denver Functional Medicine takes an overall look at your health and finds out what’s at the core of your condition. 

How Functional Medicine Works

Functional Medicine takes an overall account of your health and focuses on the patient in an effort to manage chronic health issues. Providers of this type of medicine will listen to the patient while gathering your overall medical history. This is a collaboration between the client and the practitioner to uncover the root causes of your current health issues. By getting this overall view, it’s easier to get to the bottom of how each issue is affecting your whole health. 

Everybody is different, and getting to the bottom of what’s going on individually can eliminate the need for medications and set the patient on the path to overall wellness. Functional medicine has been known to treat a multitude of chronic conditions, as well as uncovering some the patient might not have known were there.

Functional Medicine and Depression

Like other health issues Functional Medicine treats, depression is a chronic condition. Symptoms include trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping and/or concentrating, or simply the loss of energy to do everyday activities. Traditional treatment for depression often focuses on getting rid of these symptoms rather than identifying the cause. Many of these conventional treatments can also take months to deliver any results, frustrating the patient. That can lead to inconsistent commitment to a plan, which results in poor outcomes from the treatment. 

By taking a natural approach, Functional Medicine identifies what’s causing those symptoms. Rather than using medication to mask the symptoms, a Functional Medicine doctor tries to identify any imbalances within your body that’s causing the issue. Taking the time to collaborate with the patient allows for a more in-depth treatment plan, which targets the cause of the issue instead of just symptoms. This type of treatment installs healthy lifestyle habits to naturally improve overall health and wellbeing. By exploring your individual imbalances, a more comprehensive and personalized treatment plan is developed – getting to the core of the issue. 

Depression impacts every individual differently, and that means an individualized plan is crucial to helping eliminate the issue. Functional medicine has been proven to treat a number of depressive disorders. For more information on how Functional Medicine can help deal with your depression, reach out to the experts at Trivida Functional Medicine today.

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