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How many of you are already thinking about getting healthy in January? You had a fun summer, now it is time to get serious! But then there is Halloween, can’t be dieting during Halloween! Then Thanksgiving, the whole point of that holiday is food. December is a wash, with holiday parties, social gatherings, Christmas cookies (oh how I love a good Christmas cookie), Hanukkah (8 whole days), etc. And we are back to January. What if I told you that it didn’t have to be that way?

We are kicking off the holiday’s right this time. With a 21 day Kickstart! It is not a huge commitment, only 3 days a week. You will be done before Thanksgiving! But I will tell you this, “they” say it takes 21 days to build a habit but it is what happens on day 22 that will make or break. But it is only 21 days, so how do you expect to help me on day 22?

Join us for the Kickstart, if you love it (we know you will) then join us for our (yet to be announced) 12 week FitLean program in January. If you opt in for both, I will give you a $200 bonus in December so you can keep working on your goals when it fits with your busy December schedule!

We only have a few spots, so sign up right away!! #Fit2Feast 21 Day Kickstart

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