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Functional Check-in

An opportunity to repeat blood work and check in with our team to review maintenance! $499


The functional check-in is for graduates or past clients of Trivida, who want to check in with progress, maintenance, and/or optimization since they completed their Trivida program.  Included in this visit is a review of labs, notes of improvement, a plan for any desired improvements, updated supplement recommendations, refilled prescriptions, and any future testing recommendations. 

To get scheduled for your Functional Check-in, complete the payment below. This will alert our team and we will reach out to get you scheduled for blood work and review with a provider. We will order labs based on your previous results and any notes from the last appointment. If you want specific labs, please message our team on OnPatient and we will make sure we get those added to your order. Below is an outline of available labs and timeline for review. Please note – some labs take longer to process which may push out your review appointment. When ordering multiple tests, we may request separate appointments as reviewing more than 2-3 results in 1 hour can be tricky. We will discuss this option before we order labs.  

Available Labs:

• Vibrant America • Genova • Lab Corp • MARCONs • Puls • Touchstone Imaging

What to expect!

We hope your health has maintained and improved over time, but it is not uncommon for past symptoms to pop back up. This is a great time to address any of those issues. We will have you complete a short check-in form prior to your appointment so we can game plan any concerns, symptoms, or questions that have come up. If the form is not completed (24 hours before your appointment) with detail, your appointment may be at risk of being rescheduled.

  • A full appointment to review labs.
  • A complete recommendation for supplements, prescriptions, or any other needs. 
  • Recommendations for additional tests for next functional check-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Functional Check-in? Functional check-in’s are intended to check in and confirm progress is being made and maintained. We encourage you to follow your previous plan, supplement recommendations, or instructions from last appointment. 
  2. What is NOT a Functional Check-in? A functional check-in is intended for maintenance not new symptoms or issues. It is also not super productive if you have not followed any of the previous recommendations. 
  3. Can my spouse, friend, or family also do a functional check-in? The functional check-in is reserved only for established clients, but we would love to help your friends and family. Have them schedule a discovery call  and we can get them scheduled to meet with a provider. 
  4. How long with it take to get my labs back? Most likely 2 weeks, sometimes on stool tests and more advanced testing it can take 3-4 weeks.
  5. What if we find something major? If we find something more serious whether new or resurfaced, we will make a game plan on how to tackle it. We do have graduate level programs that are available.  We will do everything we can to provide a clear plan on how to treat with the tools you gained working with Trivida. 
  6. Can a provider refill my prescriptions? Yes, a provider will fill up to 6 months at a time when appropriate.
  7. Why do I have to pay for my appointment first? This is the best way to prioritize scheduling. Poor Brynne would be inundated if we just had everyone calling it at the same time. 
  8. What if my schedule changes and I need to move my Functional Check-in? No problem, give us a call at 720-428-8312 to move your appointment.  We are strategically booking these appointments so it may take a couple of weeks to get you back on the schedule. 
  9. What if I live out of state now? That is no problem, we can often find labs that will draw your blood locally and then you can review with a provider virtually through a telemedicine appointment. 

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