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Gluten Free Dairy Free Substitutions

Here at Trivida there are a lot of us that are GFDF “Gluten free dairy free” for one reason or another. From that experience we know it is difficult to make that switch. Usually this isn’t a short term diet; it is a necessary lifestyle change that needs to be long term. Going gluten free dairy free is something that will challenge how you cook, snack, and shop. Here is a little guide to help make the switch. You should be able to find all these option at your local market, Whole Foods, of Natural Grocers

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Lets start with the big hitters:

Pasta- To our surprise there are some GF pasta substitutes that are actually really great!

  • Barilla GF Dry pastas do a great job along with
  • Banza Chickpea pasta (shells are the best).
  • For fresh pasta go with Cappellos GF  pasta in the freezer section.


  • Out of the Bread Box  Vegan Oat bread is the softest,  eat right out of the package, bread we have found.
  • Lettuce wraps
  • GF Crackers are great wit Tuna Salad instead of a sandwich
  • Corn Chells for taco night


  • NadaMoo Ice Cream is so delicious! (as long as you enjoy coconut undertones)
  • Dairy free milk alternatives – You’ll have to give each a try to figure out where you like what best.
    • Coconut and Almond Milk is great for baking
    • Soy is great for cereal

Trivida is a place where we bring together experts to support your overall health and wellness! Nutrition is an important pillar of your health, so we made sure to have experts here to guide you along the way. Mollie Colpitt is our Nutrition Coach. If you have specific questions about substitutions you want to try she is an excellent resource! More about Mollie here

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