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Grounding Techniques for Urbanites

When you lack the opportunity to regularly spend time in nature, you can feel agitated, anxious, and even depressed. So what can you do?

Getting bare skin in touch with the Earth’s surface and the elements of nature is fairly easy when you have close proximity to a beautiful park, hiking trails, or another natural area. But how do you “get grounded” if you live in a congested urban area?

Try these practical grounding techniques to help you ground when you don’t have access to nature. These techniques are not a replacement for stepping outdoors, barefoot, and connecting to Earth’s Negative Energy Potential, but they can be of benefit until you can get outdoors.

Earthing Shoes. When you can’t connect bare feet to soil, sand, or a clean lake or spring, try earthing shoes. Known as ‘minimal shoes’ or ‘barefoot shoes,’ this type of footwear is made of all natural material using organic and natural materials in a sustainable production system. The footwear is designed to support the structure of the foot while allowing for as much contact with the earth’s surface (or the closest thing to the earth’ surface that you can access). BONUS! Studies suggest less cushioning and more flexibility in footwear may not only be healthier, but may also relieve foot pain and help to treat (even reverse) foot ailments that were previously thought to require orthotics or surgery.

Use Grounding Essential Oils. Aromatherapy with essential oils has many benefits for wellbeing–relaxation, focus, and grounding, too. Essential oils such as frankincense, vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides), sandalwood, and myrrh can be rubbed on the soles of the feet as well as your pulse points any time of day. These scents evoke an earthiness that we need when we are feeling disconnected from nature.

Nourish with Grounding Foods. When you nourish your body with grounding foods you are also nourishing the First Chakra. Also known as the Root Chakra, this is the part of the energy body that anchors us to the Earth and provides us with a sense of security and safety, helping us to withstand stressors. A few grounding foods that are easy to add to your diet include: pomegranates, beans, eggs, cherries, radishes, beets, garlic, carrots, and ginger among others.

Remember: Your primary method for grounding is to get outside and let bare skin be in physical contact with the Earth. When that’s not possible, open a window, turn on a nature sounds CD, fill the infuser with frankincense oil, and get grounded.

Why Wear Minimalist Barefoot Shoes?

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