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Kicking the can…the soda habit

The many negative health effects of a coda habit isn’t a surprise to anyone. Drinking sugary beverages such as soda, (not to mention that juice, and sports drinks are just as bad) have been shown to have negative effects on many aspects of health:  Weight Gain – Diabetes – Heart attack and stroke -Tooth Decay – Gut Health – Osteoporosis – and many more. Worse, diet sodas are just as harmful if not worse on some aspects of health so avoid at all costs!

So we get it, its time to kick the habit and make a better choice..

A healthy alternative

If you crave the refreshing satisfaction of carbonated drinks try replacing your soda with:

-Sparkling Water/ Soda Water

These include flavored and unflavored varieties such as: La Croix, Perrier, or Pellegrino

Like anything, it is a hard habit to kick for some…If you are missing the sweetness or the flavor of your favorite sugary drinks try adding these to your sparkling water:

  • Small quantities of fruit juice (less than 25% of the total volume of sparkling water)
  • Lemon or Lime juice for flavor
  • Stevia or Monkfruit extract for sweetness

As a last alternative, if you still miss the taste of classic cola try one of these stevia sweetened alternatives:

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