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Refreshing Margaritas


It is not summertime without Margaritas on a patio along with Chips and Salsa. Balance has to be a part of our nutrition and meal planning. If we can’t live and enjoy life, food, and the company of others than we will never stick with a plan. Here is a SUPER easy Margarita recipe that will have you dancing the cha cha in no time! Please be mindful, as you make these low calorie cocktails, they are alcohol focused which = more alcohol and quicker to be inebriated! And as always, please don’t drink and drive!

Fresh Squeezed Margarita:

  • 1.5 oz White Tequila
  • ½ oz of Cointreau
  • ½ Lime
  • 1-2 drops of stevia
  • Club soda

In a cocktail shaker add lime juice and lime, Patron Silver Tequila, Cointreau,  Liquid Stevia and ice. Shake together and pour over ice in a rocks or margarita class. I would advise against adding salt, but if a salty rim is your jam, go light on the salt. Squeeze a fresh lime wedge over the cocktail and top with club soda or sparkling water. Enjoy!

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