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Meghann’s Favorite Things – Gluten Free Addition

I get requests all the time about my favorite Gluten Free items. I think I am the go-to because I am picky about the general taste of GF items, so I have scoured HIGH and LOW to find my favorites. I have included a few below and I will keep adding more!

Bread: Out of the Bread Box

I get this question ALLLLLL the time. I promise, hands down, this is the best bread. I have tried every single GF option in the store and this one is the best. Natural Grocers carries this brand or you can go to Colorado Springs and pick it up.

  <—– Click the picture to find out more!Bread Box

Pasta: DeLallo or Banza

If I am making good choices, then I pick the Banza with 23g protein. Sometimes I want something that is as close to normal pasta as I can get so that is when I opt for the DeLallo. I use the DeLallo in things like my chicken noodle soup. But also the trick with this is cooking it correctly, I always pull it and rinse it a when it is a little TOO al dente. It will continue cooking a little bit so that will help prevent a big ball of mush!

Banza Banza

Crackers: Simple Mills

Since I don’t eat a lot of bread and love a savory crispy treat – I have found these Simple Mills Crackers. I love the variety of flavors, they are dairy free as well, and have way less junk in them. My favorite is the sun-dried tomato or Rosemary sea salt! Great paired with Chicken salad, Tuna salad, or egg salad (my go to lunch options). It is also great to dip with hummus.

Simple Mills

Green Chili: Nanitas Finest

Green Chili is generally hard to find gluten free and pork free. I personally don’t love the pork varieties, I prefer a vegetarian option. This one is LEGIT! I have only been able to find the GF version at whole foods, but well worth the trip! I use this as a dip, with nachos, on tacos…you name it!

Nanitas Finest

Flour: Almond Flour

My secret to breaded chicken or anything that needs a crispy coating – I use almond flour. It keeps it low crab and really doesn’t add any funky ingredients. I just season it and add it. I also bake with Almond Flour a lot and because of the fat it in the flour, it works with without other binders!

Almond Flour

Asian Cuisine: Gluten Free Veggie Egg Rolls

I love Chinese food and one thing I miss is egg rolls and pot stickers. This company makes amazing gluten free options. They also have Pizza Rolls, Snack Bites, and Empanadas.

Free Veggie Egg Rolls

I hope this gives you some good ideas for Gluten Free options – save this post because I will keep adding my favorite things!

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