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Paul Andre

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I am a mechanic and sometimes the job comes with cuts and scrapes. Some include stitches, some don’t, so I didn’t think anything of it when I hit my shin on the lift one day at work. Slowly the gash turned into a larger wound that just would not heal. It was extremely painful. I tend to be pretty good at ignoring pain and injuries – but this one was really starting to effect my every day life. Fortunately, my family has been patients of Corey and Trivida for several years. Corey did some testing, sent me to a specialist and we tried a few traditional modalities to heal the wound. After all the specialists were stumped, Corey made it his mission to get this figured out. We decided to try PRP therapy to see if we could stimulate my body to heal. The PRP started working, but it was still a slow process. After a long time of one step forward, two steps back, Corey encouraged me to make some lifestyle changes. I committed to 8 weeks of clean eating and a detox protocol he prepared for me. It was then, that we finally got the progress we were looking for. I had this wound for almost 3 years and within 6 weeks of following Corey’s lifestyle based program, PRP treatments, and focusing on my stress and sleep habits the wound healed. I am very stubborn and I really didn’t want to think that the lifestyle program would be the key to finally healing. Corey was right and not only did the wound heal, I lost 30 lbs. in 6 weeks along with it.


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