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Self Care Checklist

Physical Self-Care

____    Get enough restful sleep

____    Eat well (regularly and healthily)

____    Exercise

____    Get preventative medical care and when needed

____    Take time off when sick

____    Massage, Acupuncture, yoga, stretching

____   Play, dance, move.

Mental Self-Care

____    Journal and  self-reflection

____    Root out stressors

____    Read

____    Pay attention to Self-Talk thoughts, judgments, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings

____    Learn something new – its exercise for your brain.

____    Practice saying “No” or “Yes” when you need to.

Emotional Self-Care

____    Spend time with others

____    Connect important people in your life

____    Give self-love: affirmations and praise

____    Let yourself experience emotions

____    Laugh

____    Hold to your emotional boundaries

Spiritual Self-Care

____    Find your spiritual connection or community

____    Spend time in nature

____    Be open

____    Practice gratitude

____    Meditate

____    Pray

Megan Johnson
Integrative Wellness and Life Coach

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