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Success Stories – Becky Novotne


My journey began after watch an episode of Biggest Loser. I can’t remember if the contestant was male or female, but it doesn’t matter. What mattered was watching someone severely over weight doing something about it. Doing something to better themselves. If THEY could do it, I certainly could.
The next day, I started. Walking. That’s not hard I thought. My route was 2.4 miles long thru the neighborhood. The first time, it took me almost an hour. Whoo! It felt so good to be moving. I was religious about it. Every night Cole and I were walking. Pretty soon 2 .4 miles turned into 3-4 miles a night. I started craving my daily walks. I struggled with shin splints so bad sometimes that I wasn’t sure if I would make it home. I didn’t quit. It wasn’t long and I was walking those 3-4 miles in about 50 minutes!
I started going to the rec center to add some variety to my workouts. Took a few classes and really enjoyed working out with a class.
I came across a “Groupon” for a little place called Trivida. I looked it up online, thought it looked interesting. Of course that voice inside my head took over. “You know you are going to be the “old fat person” in the class full of hard bodies. People are going to stare at you and wonder why you are even there.” I hate that voice. I decided I would go check Trivida out before I made any commitment. I walked in the door expecting a pretentious greeting. I WAS SO WRONG!
There was Corey Feldman working out with another member. I introduced myself, told him how I found out about Trivida and that I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to make a fool out of myself if I joined up. You know, that voice was causing me to question whether or not I was good enough to join.
Corey was so welcoming and warm. I told him my “concerns” and he reassured me that Trivida isn’t what the voice in my head was telling me! I joined for three months right there. My first class was that night. That was August.
I had purchased a scale. First one that I have ever owned. I NEVER knew what I weighed. EVER! I weighed myself. Wow! Suprised, disappointed, I vowed to continue on. Slowly, so freaking slowly the number crept down. Why was I not losing 35 pounds a week like on TV?
I worked out 3 to 4 times a week. I started seeing results. Meghann and Corey were there to encourage and motivate me all the way.
To make a long story short, today marks a milestone for me. As of this morning I have lost 15 pounds! I have gone down 2 pants sizes! For everyone that has that voice in their heads. Don’t listen to it. Keep going. You can do it! I have more weight I want to lose. I am gonna work hard. It’s easy when you have great people there to support you!
Thank you Meghann and Corey! You DO make a difference in people’s lives and I love you!

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