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Gina D.

I came in with debilitating fatigue. I couldn’t exercise, couldn’t keep up with my housework or kids, I slept all the time, but sleeping never helped. I went to other providers, but they couldn’t help me. My first ray of hope came down when I met Corey and he really listened to me. He didn’t just throw his hands up. My experience at Trivida was amazing. Corey and his team walked me through every step of the way. I went from being unable to get off the couch, to being able to do everything I needed to do during the day. With Andy’s help, I gradually built up exercise tolerance and was able to join the regular exercise classes. Working with Trivida has helped me get my life back! I’m so glad I invested in my health! I can actually live my life now and be there for my children. If you don’t act now, you’ll be in the same spot 6 months from now or be worse off. Take the plunge and make your everyday better.

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