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Nicole S.

I turned to Trivida after years of growing digestive issues that had limited my diet for years and was experiencing expanding exhaustion issues. I had worked with specialists and each had helped in their own way, but I kept hearing my “normal” blood values showed I was fine. But, “fine” couldn’t mean I needed more than 10 hours of uneasy sleep every single night, as well as an hour-plus nap every day. “Fine” couldn’t mean that my focus and my retention was missing. “Fine” couldn’t mean that my kids thought it was the most normal thing when mommy couldn’t join them in an activity because she had to sleep and was having stomach issues. Trivida and I worked together and within three months, and one massive crash course into blood test results, I was not only NOT napping every single day, I was taking walks with my kids that I enjoyed. Then I was able to play more complicated board games, reading longer books, and staying up all the way through a movie. Recently, I took my first run in over two years, gave a global speech, and worked a full day on my own business, all on the same day! I am still healing and still learning, and I know that I am on an amazing recovery path because of the specialists before Trivida and ESPECIALLY because of this caring, dedicated team. I recommend Trivida and will continue working with them. Y’all, I am awake!

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