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Welcome to the Trivida Talk page! We will regularly post helpful workouts, recipes, awesome things we are learning and want to share with our community etc. But first, I want to take a minute to just thank all of those who have stood by Trivida from the beginning. Depending on when you joined TeamTrivida, you may or may not know where we have come from. It has only been 2 1/2 years, but it seems like forever (in a good way). We have been #blessed by so many amazing faces that have touched our lives and become part of our family. Both Corey and I are only children, our parents are close but extended families far away. To be invited into your homes, your celebrations, has been inspiring to us!

What does the future hold, while we hope it holds a TON! At least that is what we envision! As we continue to grow, we are focusing on three original pillars; Nutrition, Fitness, and Healthcare.

Nutrition: I am excited to announce that we will be offering the TakeDown LifeStyle™ Nutrition Program in the coming months. This will enhance the ongoing nutrition programs we have been offering and take them to the next level. We will develop a plan for you specifically, with your needs, goals, and food requirements in mind! Also, keep an eye on the blog for awesome recipes!!

Fitness: We continue to build our Semi-Private training and Personal training program. If you have worked out with us privately, you know the benefits of having a one-on-one coach! We have loved our members, so if you know anyone who could also benefit from our services, please introduce them to us. We would love to talk with them about their goals and how we can help them!!
– #Fit2Feast: Ready to build healthy habits during the month of November? We have a 21 day fitness kickstart to help you build strength and healthy habits and set yourself up to CRUSH your 2016 Resolutions. Why wait until January, start now!!

Healthcare: We are proudly launching our Concierge Medical Clinic. Concierge Medicine is an up and coming trend where patients pay a monthly membership fee for unlimited office visits. You can also reach Corey through email and phone. We keep our patient load small, so there is always openings available.

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