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What Does Functional Medicine Treat?

This is a photo that shows how functional medicine is treated.

As more schools of medicine begin to open up, it can be difficult to keep track of what each kind of help a  medical practice can offer. Functional medicine is a relatively new focus for medicine that is based on ancient medicinal principles. With this form of medicine, doctors can treat a wide variety of ailments—but what does it actually offer patients? Let’s learn more.

The Benefits of Functional Medicine

Any time a new form of medicine comes out, people struggle to learn exactly how it can apply to them. Some forms of medicine are straightforward, but functional medicine is a little more difficult to understand at first, if only because no one is entirely sure what the name implies. Fortunately, it offers a wide range of benefits for those who are looking to enhance their personal health and understanding.

Full-Body Understanding

With functional medicine, there is a notable focus on health for the entire body. While some forms of medicine are specialized and focus on very specific parts of the body, functional medicine is a little less committed to any one area. Instead, it focuses on providing a variety of benefits to all parts of the body by treating certain areas or systems. 

Some medicine focuses on one area, but functional medicine looks at the areas where systems interact within the body. This empowers medical professionals to provide medical solutions that treat a variety of problems instead of just one. With this focus, it is much easier to follow problems to their source. 

The Complexity of the Human Body

Functional medicine is built upon the idea that there is more to the body than any one component. The human body is responsible for a variety of different processes, and there are complex systems at work that make this all possible. Notably, the human body has a variety of different systems within it that impact overall health.

Functional medicine is focused on the idea that these interconnecting systems can be leveraged to improve your overall health. While some systems can be linked to very specific diseases, the reality is that when one system is compromised, you open yourself up to a variety of problems. With this form of medicine, treating the body as a whole is a core focus.

How it Helps You

Functional medicine helps by providing patients with an overall health boost. Medical professionals within this practice are committed to offering patients a full-body upgrade. This means leveraging all systems to increase overall health rather than simply treating individual conditions.

The Takeaway

Every single body is a unique machine that is affected by several different systems within. Understanding that these systems work together to create our overall scope of health can help you to take active steps towards improving your health—and that is what functional medicine is all about. To find a Denver functional medicine team that can help you to give your body a boost, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We are always happy to help you learn more about your body!

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