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What is functional nutrition?

You may have heard about functional nutrition. But you may wonder what it is. It is something that could possibly change your health forever. Rather than be stuck in the dieting cycle, you can change your habits. This might be to reduce gastrointestinal issues, or even to fix your weight. It is now time to look into something different, Denver Functional Health


Understanding Functional Medicine

Functional nutrition is based on the ideas of functional medicine. Functional medicine is a unique way of treating and preventing illness. It addresses the entire person, rather than just obvious symptoms. This can be anything from fixing your flu-like symptoms and rather than using a prescription, addressing what the symptoms came from in the first place.

Functional medicine will take into account whether you developed these symptoms due to stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, or some combination of those things. They will look into all body systems. 

The goal of functional medicine is not only to cure any existing issues but to prevent any in the future. These same principles can be applied to nutrition as well. This is where function nutrition comes in, looking to use food as medicine.

How Functional Nutrition Works

Functional nutrition is based on functional medicine, which is aiming to treat all body systems. When functional medicine becomes functional nutrition, it focuses on changing a particular meal plan and running tests. This might include food sensitivity testing or other labs. These tests can be used to see how your body responds to certain foods, and even look into which additives or foods may be causing the body to react. In some cases, this may even be a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Once your functional medicine dietician has established the right diet for you, you may then look into your lifestyle. Sleep, stress, activity level, and other factors will be examined by your functional nutritionist. They will aim to fix these factors in addition to your diet.

Why Functional Nutrition is Unique

If you have sought help from a professional for your gastrointestinal you will find that functional nutrition is very different. The practitioner’s ultimate goal is to help you alleviate your symptoms but to eventually ensure that you are holistically well. It is also always a personalized approach. It is about personalized care because no two people are the same. This means there is more of the likelihood that you can find a sustainable, long-term solution to your health issues. There are also a few different models for care. It is defined by removing, replacing, repopulating, repairing, and rebalancing.

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