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Workout Recovery Basics

Recovery Starts Pre-workout

Before you begin your workout make sure:

  • You’re are properly hydrated; Your urine is clear.
  • You are pre-fueled with the proper nutrition; Pre-workout nutrition is very important before a workout. It determines whether or not you have you can achieve your maximum potential during your workout. Check out our Blog: Fuel Up and Recover Faster to maximize your workouts
  • Proper Supplementation; This is different for everyone and very much depends on your internal health and fitness goals.

    • At Trivida, we do not blind supplement, we make recommendations based on our extensive lab work to see exactly what you need and what dosage. High-quality supplements are the key to absorption. The Trivida Trifecta may be right for you if you want a regimen designed based on you. Make an Appointment
  • Warm up properly; You can warm-up all sorts of ways: Hot tub, hot shower, hot pack, light activity until you break a little sweat or feel your body warming.
  • Stretch; After you are warm stretch; this is the best time to do it!


Recovery Continues During Workout

During your workout keep these things in mind:

  • Stay Hydrated, the more you sweat the more water you need to drink.
  • Stay loose; Continue to stretch lightly during workout

  • Let heart rate ease up and down; not allowing drastic rise or drops


Recovery After Workout

Closing your workout is important too:

  • Cool down and stretch
  • Allow your heart rate to ease down slowly
  • Hydrate! (This is how much water you should be drinking based on your weight)
    • 100 pounds – 67 ounces
    • 110 pounds – 24 ounces
    • 120 pounds – 80 ounces
    • 130 pounds – 87 ounces
    • 140 pounds – 94 ounces
    • 150 pounds – 100 ounces
    • 160 pounds – 107 ounces
    • 170 pounds – 114 ounces
    • 180 pounds – 121 ounces
    • 190 pounds – 127 ounces
    • 200 pounds – 134 ounces
    • 210 pounds – 141 ounces
    • 220 pounds – 148 ounces
    • 230 pounds – 154 ounces
    • 240 pounds – 161 ounces
    • 250 pounds – 168 ounces
  • Within the next 30min – 2 hours eat high quality protein and carbohydrates
  • Foam roll or massage out areas of soreness
  • Icing areas that are particularly sore or sitting in a cool tub for 10-15min after workout


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