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Functional Medicine

Support that’s not overwhelming, but creates sustainable change.

We know getting wholly healthy can feel overwhelming, which is why we take everything one step at a time. We make creating new habits and learning new skills feel manageable, empowering you to take those habits and skills into your future. With Trivida, you’ll be set up for long-term success.

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine restores your health by addressing the root cause of an illness or injury. It’s an individualized, patient-centered, and integrative approach that’s revolutionizing the healthcare industry. And Corey Feldman and Team Trivida are leading the way. With a focus on the following key facets, Trivida gets people, who have tried everything else, real, lasting results. 

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Our Functional Medicine Program Includes:

Rehabbing the body from the inside out, we’ll design a comprehensive program that’s unique to your medical history, current health, activity level, and goals.

Using your medical history, lab work, and diagnostic testing, we’ll recommend the right supplements your body needs to function at its best.

After a thorough one-on-one consultation, you’ll receive comprehensive diagnostic testing for the nine major systems of your body.

We integrate movement with rehabilitation techniques — a whole body approach — to help you improve mobility and make a quick recovery.

When your hormones or adrenal system aren’t functioning properly, everything else goes with it. We’ll help you restore balance, so that you can feel better faster.

We design the program to fit your specific needs and goals, and it could include any or all of the following:

  • Advanced Lab Testing to get to the root cause of your illness or injury
  • Access to a highly-certified Mindset Coach and Accountability Partner
  • Supportive community and encouragement from your peers
  • High-quality supplements tailored to your needs
  • Private personal training to improve mobility
  • A Lifestyle-based nutrition plan that’s easy to follow
  • Body Composition Analysis for measuring progress
  • Mobility Assessment and Programming
  • Regenerative Therapy
  • And your secure Virtual Patient Portal

About Trivida

5 Core Areas of Health

Leaving no stone unturned! We are truly curious about every piece of your health. We’re committed to testing – not guessing – until we can find the root causes of your illness, injury, or pain. Trust us to go above and beyond, exploring every corner of your health to the nth degree.

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We analyze what foods might be causing inflammation or aren’t particularly good for your body based on the tests. We won’t put you on a fat diet, but on the right diet for you that can be a catalyst for healing the root causes of your health issues.

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Hormones are critical communicators between systems in our bodies. But just like talking on the phone when someone has a bad cell signal, our body has the same frustrated response when hormones aren’t communicating effectively. Our testing looks at over 20 hormones.

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We look for inflammation that is caused by physical and chemical stress. Physical stress can come from over or under exercising, body aches and pain, or a lack of quality sleep. Chemical stress comes from food sensitivities or environmental toxins like allergens or mold.

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Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a juice cleanse or fad diet. Detoxification is helping the body prioritize getting rid of physical and chemical stress. Together we would work to get your body to sleep better as a natural form of detoxification.

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Mobility & Exercise

Exercise is important, we all know that. But we want to find the type of exercise that is best for your specific body. For example, someone with a thyroid issue may want to lose weight, so they go to some HIIT classes at the gym after which, they’re exhausted and actually gained weight! We’ll guide you to reach your fitness goals - no more guessing.

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Who is Functional Medicine For?

Are you tired of doctors who spend more time prescribing than listening? Is your medication list getting longer but your symptoms aren’t getting better? Have you tossed in the towel when it comes to exercise and going out? Or do you ache to do more in life, if only you had the right support and treatment to be healthy?

If this sounds like you, book your free discovery call today to learn more about how Team Trivida can help you to fully restore your body and health.

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