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Is Functional Medicine Legitimate?

Medicine Legitimate

As we learn more about the human body, we find new ways to diagnose and treat certain conditions. For a long time, the primary focus has been on healing the body as problems arise. With functional medicine, there is a strong focus on healing the body as a whole in order to improve all systems. This valuable medical practice is increasing in popularity, but not everyone fully understands it. In this article, we will explain what functional medicine is—and how it can help you. 

What You Need to Know

Functional medicine is a completely valid and recognized approach to medicine that can offer the same benefits as traditional medicine. Rather than simply focusing on problems, functional medicine places a greater focus on whole health—and that isn’t all that it has to offer.

Whole Health

Our bodies are composed of complex, interconnected systems that can influence each other in key ways. This means that when one part of the body runs into a problem, it can also cause problems for some of the other areas. One major shift when discussing functional medicine versus traditional medicine is that focus on overall health.

Within functional medicine, there is a guiding principle that focuses on improving the body’s overall health to achieve a greater balance across the board. By embracing this approach, functional medicine can solve targeted problems and less noticeable problems too. It helps to understand that functional medicine often just increases the scope of treatment.

Trained Professionals

Traditional medicine is known for its focus on doctors and nurses, but functional medicine often comes with a bigger set of experts. Functional medicine teams can include doctors, experts in sports medicine and exercise science, and more. Generally, these teams will combine different experts in order to meet the needs of their patients. This expansive spread of professionals can help you to learn more about your body and make a game plan to improve your health as a whole.

Bigger Goals

Every kind of medicine has its own benefits, and functional medicine excels due to its focus on overall health. With functional medicine, you and your team will focus on broader goals for your body that can improve your overall health. Over time, this can help to solve key medical concerns and provide unexpected benefits. Comfort, weight loss, and an improved state of health can all come from functional medicine.


There are plenty of different ways to meet key health goals, and this is one of them. For functional medicine, Colorado offers helpful clinics filled with empowered teams that want to help Colorado citizens to live a much healthier life. Colorado is always listed when it comes to the healthiest places in the country, and there is a reason for it. In this state, we take active steps to put our health first—and functional medicine is a great way to start.

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