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What is a Functional Medicine Practitioner?

Functional medicine practitioners are dedicated medical professionals who help us live healthier lives—find out more.

The human body and what we know about it changes every year. As researchers and medical professionals work to better understand what makes us tick—and what can cause problems—medical fields and opinions are always changing. Functional medicine is one school of medicine that has evolved to embrace everything that we have learned about the body’s inner workings to promote total health. Let’s discuss what you get when you work with a functional medicine practitioner.

What to Expect from a Functional Medicine Practitioner 

A functional medicine practitioner is a doctor and medical expert that practices functional medicine. These individuals are trained physicians that practice functional medicine and use it to improve the lives of their patients. What do you get when you visit a functional medicine practitioner? Quite a few things, actually!

Standard Care

Functional medicine practitioners can absolutely provide standard medical care, just like any other doctor. They are able to provide general insights and can help with preventative medicine. However, they may take a slightly different approach to it than you are used to. Since they focus on whole-body health, you may feel like even a standard visit offers more detail and depth.

Specialty Care

Standard preventative care is crucial for helping us as we grow and change, but there are plenty of times when specialty care will be important too. Specialty care is any kind of care with a specific focus. For example, you might see a functional medicine practitioner to address a recurring infection or ongoing concern. 

Whole-Body Care

The area where functional medicine really stands apart is in its focus on whole-body care. When you talk to a functional medicine practitioner, you are working with someone who is focused on functional medicine. This medical practice centers around the idea that all of the systems in our body are connected, and it works to enhance full-body health to improve care and solve any problems.

Care and Guidance

Since functional medicine practitioners offer insights into your overall health, it is very common for them to help you learn more about your health. You can gain insights regarding the systems in your body and learn how to make healthier choices that support your total health and wellness. Their lifestyle suggestions can help you to give your body the support that it needs.

The Takeaway

Our bodies are amazing machines with different parts that all work together. This idea is what makes functional medicine so special. When you visit a Denver functional medicine doctor, you will learn all about your body and the many systems at work that keep you healthy. As you learn more, you will be able to improve your lifestyle and make necessary changes to promote total health. To learn more, contact us today!

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