Chaz L. | Trivida Functional Medicine

Chaz L.

I came to Trivida after 10 years of having horrible health problems and I was out of answers. I wanted to be healthy. I had been living in discomfort for a very long time, having stomach problems, sleep issues, high cholesterol, and emotional instability. I didn’t want to live like that anymore. When I met Corey, it was very relieving and very exciting to realize that Trivida could help me create a life where I didn’t have to live like that anymore. Corey was very consultative and listened. He looked at areas that I thought would not be related at all. After working with Corey, all of those issues have been fixed. I am much more comfortable, my emotions are much more regulated, and my stomach problems have gone away entirely. I am so much happier and I feel so much better. The staff really cares and they want not only to get to know patients, but to help and spend time with them.

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