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Empowering clients to feel optimism for their healthy future, as we look at every piece of the puzzle to find comprehensive solutions that address the root causes of their symptoms.


The Care You Need To Do The Things You Love

We believe it is easier now more than ever to find out what is really going on behind your health issues, and there are more personalized tools available that can help you reach your health goals.

We are passionate about figuring out the root cause for those who are sick and tired of feeling fatigued, in pain, and stressed. Sometimes our clients have been diagnosed with Thyroid problems, GI issues, or other chronic conditions and sometimes they have not been diagnosed at all. But most of the time they are using medication to band aide the symptoms, but that does not ever solve the issue.

The Trivida Difference

At it’s core, Trivida Functional Medicine strives to be a conduit to whole health by teaching, supporting, and empowering its clients. We are a true partner to clients using our integrative approach that is unique from “typical” western medicine. We slow down, taking the time and care to inspect the whole puzzle of health, engineering the pieces to fit together perfectly. 

Trivida’s approach is founded in the belief that we can’t see the whole picture until we’ve turned over every stone. Our innovative approach is still structured and methodical, using science, tests, and our depth of experience and knowledge to restore patients’ true, whole health. 

The driving force behind the success of Trivida’s approach is the high value we place on working collectively – as a team and with our clients – to uncover the root causes of client’s health issues. Once those root causes are identified, we give our clients the tools and knowledge to wholly heal.

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Our Approach

Trivida Trifecta: 3 Steps to Whole Health

3 steps that we promise will get you to a wholly healthy place. Testing will show us how to build a plan for your health that considers how to use nutrition, hormones, stress, detoxification, and exercise for healing. Then you -with our encouragement – will learn how to commit to the process and reach the outcomes you’re hoping for.

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Step 1: Test

Test, don’t guess. Trivida does an in-depth set of labs that look deeper than the typical tests medical providers run. Having clinical data and metrics allow us to understand why and how your symptoms started. This step is a bit like building the edge of the puzzle, letting us gain some clarity about what’s going on.

Step 2: Build

With test results in hand, we start to put the different sections of the puzzle together. We look at 5 core areas:
Nutrition    Hormones    Stress    Dedication    Mobility/Exercise

Step 3: Commit

The hardest part of doing a puzzle is fitting in those trickiest pieces you saved for the very end. This last part of the Trivida Trifecta is also the hardest -staying committed. This is where mindset, perseverance, and motivation become critical. Fixing your health from the root causes is not easy, and it’s definitely not a linear process. But if you trust that process, stay committed to the tools we give you, and keep a positive mindset, you will achieve the outcome you’re hoping for. And we’ll be next to you every step of the way.

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