Christine I. | Trivida Functional Medicine

Christine I.

My experience at Trivida has been a learning experience and tremendously beneficial. It has been amazing that Trivida has pulled me out of a bad time for my health. Trivida works from the bottom up and does everything they can to help people get better. The team comes at things from all angles and they truly care about people’s health – mentally, physically, and spiritually. I couldn’t have done any of this without Nicole or Corey. I have accomplished everything on my list so far. I’m learning how to eat and help my body thrive from nutrition, my mental health has improved, and my energy has improved. Corey and Nicole truly care from the bottom of their heart. They don’t just say they care, they show that they care. I look forward to my calls with Corey to always push my health in the right direction and I look forward to my coaching calls with Nicole every week. They have helped me feel heard and I feel blessed to have them. I will always recommend Trivida, they have done amazing things for my body and mind.