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Danielle P.

After back surgery, I was scared to do any kind of workout. Afraid I would hurt myself again because I was never properly taught good form. I was going to physical therapy and felt that I was throwing away money to do these repetitive motions that did not seem to improve anything, not to mention did not work with my schedule at all, so I was missing appointments, having to still pay and nothing to show for it. I was referred to Trivida and after the first consultation, I know they had the key elements I needed to succeed. I love the community within Trivida. When I look back to my first workout, I remember how welcoming, kindhearted, and understanding everyone was to my ailments. I felt like I had just had the best effective workout of my life, without back pain! I look forward to coming to my workouts, it is my escape from the stress of work, traffic, and life. It always makes me feel better! Trivida is my rock!

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