Jerry B. | Trivida Functional Medicine

Jerry B.

My experience at Trivida was extremely positive and very educational. Corey, Andy, and the rest of the staff took the time to answer all of my questions and helped me to feel like myself. I’ve accomplished so much during my time here; my hormones are more balanced, my diet is healthier, I’ve stopped my bad habits, I’ve lowered my cholesterol, and so much more! One of the biggest things that has improved is my mental clarity. My memory has improved with decreased brain frog, my tremors and shaking have lessened, and I don’t consider myself fatigued anymore. Some days, I’ll catch myself saying, “Hey, I’m feeling pretty good!”. If you’re considering working with Trivida, I say “Do it!”. Embrace the program and give it a chance to work. You’ll be happy with your experience and the 5-star service!