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Lisa J.

I was referred to Trivida by a dear friend. My family and I have been on a health journey for some time. However, I realized that in putting forth the effort to assuring the health of my family, I was neglecting some needs of my own. I had heard of functional medicine often over the years and finally made a commitment to invest. I came to Trivida, looking for a whole-body approach to how I was feeling. I received all of that approach and more. I was looking for care that was genuine and have been so lucky to find that here. I have never felt so supported in my health journey before. The time spent with me as a patient is unprecedented, they really take the time to listen, providing the best advice! The entire staff all have such patience, kindness, understanding, knowledge, and extreme professionalism. The experience I have had while a patient of Trivida is beyond exceptional. They are the best support system I could have ever hoped for in my continued health care journey. I had a few short-term goals when I first started at Trivida. One being how to increase my energy with taking care of 4 kids. How do I optimize my health? I came in with the mindset of this health care being a quick fix. What I quickly realized with the support of Corey and his team is that, yes, my short-term goals can be met, but there was so much more. I realized that my goals really became my everyday goals. Find the best way to reduce my stress, fuel my body with good food, and get sleep. In addition, Trivida makes your goals attainable. They understand how bio-individual each client is. They take the time to get to know you so as to set you up for success in your goal setting. My goal of my being in my best health for myself is the ultimate goal. The goal of realizing there is no finish line. The results have been clear, I have more energy, I have more confidence in making the right choices for me, and I have been empowered to take control of my health. Corey and his team have definitely changed my life. I have always been open to a whole-body approach to health and making this step literally improved my life dramatically. I have found that by balancing my hormones, making changes to my diet as well as my sleep regimen, I am able to live a more fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle. The empowerment, education, and support of Trivida has actually led me to start on a path of going back to school to be a health coach! The importance of the care given at Trivida has inspired me to want to pursue this avenue of professionalism. For anyone wanting to start a wellness program at Trivida, I say DO IT!! You will never regret the investment you make in you! You will have the best team to support you in your health, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle program! The first step is reaching out. After that, the team makes the rest so easy. They find the best ways to integrate changes into your life to be your best you! I am always happy to be a referral for anyone looking to start on a wellness program at Trivida!

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