Paul and Carol N. | Trivida Functional Medicine

Paul and Carol N.

When we made the decision to sign on with Trivida, it was because we knew we needed help with our health. Incrementally, aches and pains were appearing, along with weight gain and bloat; we were moving in the wrong direction health-wise. And while knowing what to do isn’t hard, it’s having the support structure in place and someone addressing your own unique needs that makes all the difference. And that’s what Trivida has been; a great support structure with an individual focus. And it’s a bonus that it’s all in one location. We’re grateful to the Trivida team and so happy to have found them. All health providers do blood work and tell you to eat better and get more exercise. But the Trivida team actually helps you do it; they’re there to help you with advice, tips and tricks, exercise classes, checking in gently with you, and keeping you connected to improving your health. It’s made all the difference for us – thank you!

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