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Detoxification and Cleaning Protocols in Functional Medicine

Keeping your body operational and comfortable means knowing how to manage your cleanliness and internal balance–learn more.

From what we eat to what we encounter, the world is full of toxins that can have negative impacts on our bodies. Learning how to detox and clean your body can help you to better support your body’s natural systems.

Let’s explore detoxes in more detail!

Functional Medicine Considerations for Detoxification and Cleanliness

With a functional medicine approach in mind, you can explore detoxing and cleanliness in a way that is comfortable for you. These steps can help.

Understand How Toxins Build Up Around the Body

Functional medicine is centered around viewing the body and its systems as a greater whole, but many are surprised to learn that toxins can build up in different places around the body. There are several areas around the body that can collect chemicals and waste, leading to unpleasant toxins being collected in the system.

While many people focus on the idea of detoxing one area, whether it is the gut or the liver, the fact is that toxins can and do build up–and they don’t only impact those specific systems. Built-up toxins in the body can impact several of the body’s systems over time, which is why it is important to understand how toxins build up and how the systems they impact connect to the ones around them.

Explore different areas of focus for detoxes to learn more.

Learn How Detoxes Can Impact Different Parts of the Body

The body requires balance, and this is the guiding principal in functional medicine. When we tinker with one part of our bodies, it is very common to impact others. For example, taking medication for an ear infection may lead to yeast infections of the skin or more delicate areas. When detoxing, you will want to consider how your detox process will impact the other parts of your body, not just the one that you are targeting.

A good example of this is shown with some of the more popular detox trends on the market. While they may promise to remove toxic buildup, they also often come with one very specific side effect–gastrointestinal distress. Before exploring detox options, be sure to prepare for any negative effects on other systems, and always be aware of how valid a detox method’s claims are. Some can claim to remove toxins but more often than not simply remove healthy gut bacteria and water.

Take Time to Explore How to “Clean” the Systems in Your Body

Your body’s systems may all be connected, but they are also independent and require different methods to clean them. While you may be able to wash your hands several times a day, this may not be the case for more delicate areas around the body. Even the skin on your face is likely to react negatively to excessive washing, and it is important to keep these things in mind. Some systems clean themselves, and that means that attempts at cleaning or detoxing may do more harm than good.

Test Out the Power of Water

The market for detox options is significant, and most medical professionals will tell you that there is a lot more bad advice than good advice out there. If you’re looking for a quick way to start detoxing your body, you cannot do better than simply adding more water to your daily intake. 

Water is a critical component in detoxing the body, and it is what the body often uses to remove toxins. Although it isn’t the only thing your body needs to remove waste and toxins, it is one of the most important–and it is an easy place to start.

Drinking more water can help flush out some of the toxins that might build up, and it is a wonderful support addition for every system in your body. Just be sure not to drink too much–excessive water consumption is being promoted heavily online, but it can do more harm than good.

Aim for a standard 64 fluid ounces a day!

Avoid Cheap Hacks That May Cause Strain

With the public interest in toxins continuing to grow, businesses are opening daily promising to flush out the body and remove dangerous chemicals. While these options often sound good in practice, the reality is that they are generally more damaging than helpful. 

To give your body better support and avoid disrupting your systems, try to avoid cheap hacks that may do more harm than good. You may just be better off drinking traditional green tea rather than opting for that detox tea you saw online.

Limit Exposure to Things That Cause System Upset

For an easier approach to detoxing, it helps to try avoiding rather than adding a lot of the time. If there is something that you know upsets your system or is likely to add toxins, try cutting it out or reducing your intake. For many people, this can apply to sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and even dairy in some cases.

Try reducing your intake of foods that cause harm, and then trade them for foods that help–like foods that are high in antioxidants or that fortify your body with good nutrients so it can clear itself out.

Turn Education Into A Healthier Body One Step at a Time Using a Functional Medicine Approach!

Detoxing can be good or bad depending on how you approach it. To find success, the best thing you can do is to educate yourself on your body and the different toxins that you may encounter in your daily life. If you’re not sure where to start, connecting with an expert can help. 
Our Denver functional medicine professionals can help you start applying functional medicine practices to your body for a better outcome and graceful aging. Contact us today to learn more!

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