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Meet The Trainer: Corey Feldman

Ten years in wellness provided the perfect path to create Trivida. Corey started his career as an athletic trainer, working with athletes ranging from high school to professional. After time as an assistant Athletic Trainer with the Denver Crush Indoor Arena team and the Denver Broncos, Corey realized he wanted more. He completed his Masters in 2009 and went through the Physician Assistant program. Corey spent six years in urgent cares, family practice, and emergency rooms getting hands on knowledge with every day people and their medical challenges. What he quickly realized is that medicine had lost its bed-side manner so to speak and he was seeing 60+ patients a day with little time to get to know any of them. Corey has set out to change that, becoming a concierge medical provider, personal trainer, and nutritional coach. With Corey’s extensive knowledge, he will build a personal program that will not only help you lose weight, but get you started on a healthy path for a future. He will get to know you’re personally and care for you with your personal goals in mind.

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