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Nothing is better than a warm bowl of Green Curry! Here is an adaptation of Slender Kitchen’s Crockpot Green Curry Chicken.

2 lbs. boneless skinless chicken breasts
14 oz. can lite coconut milk
4 oz. green curry paste (adjust to taste)
3 tbsp. brown sugar
4 cups Asian vegetable mix (frozen or mix of Green Beans, Sliced Bell Peppers, Bamboo shoots, Broccoli, etc)
1 whole jalapenos or Thai chilies (optional)
Add the chicken to the slow cooker.
Whisk together the coconut milk, 1/2 the curry paste, and brown sugar. Taste and add more curry paste if needed. If using the jalapenos or chilies for extra heat, add them whole to the crockpot.
Cook on low for 4 hours. Open and add the vegetables. Cook for 30 more minutes.
For my Fibromyalgia followers, avoid jalapenos and chilies, and don’t add bell peppers.
Green Curry paste does have chili included, but others have had good luck with the Thai Kitchen not triggering flares.

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