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FAQ for Weight Loss

So you want to lose weight, you have failed in the past, but this time you are ready for real results.

Here are a few questions we get asked regularly.

I have a lot of food sensitivities, what can I eat? Well the beauty of our program is that we work with you on a customized nutrition plan and can remove those common foods. The other questions we will ask are you sensitive to all of them, or were you sensitive to them in combination of something else?

Can I still drink? Certain alcohols have some health forward benefits. Obviously moderation is always a factor and since alcohol is a sugar, it becomes a simple carb that definitely needs to be counted in your daily plan. Short answer, yes! Long answer, within reason and certain limitations.

I need to lose weight fast, how long will this take? Two areas to consider, the faster you loser superficial fat, the faster it comes back and then some. Trivida focuses on slow empowered weight loss. We teach you to build your strength and health from the inside out, that sometimes slows the weight loss process (doesn’t mean you don’t have fat loss though). Also, if you workout like crazy and restrict your diet to lose weight fast, what happens when you tire of the schedule or never being able to eat what you want? But if you have a goal event, we can get you some immediate weight loss but after the event you may plateau for a few weeks while we adjust your body back to a sustainable pace.

Why does the number on my scale never change? Simple, we are building lead muscle mass and muscle weighs more than fat. So if it has been awhile since you worked out, you may notice the scale goes up in numbers for a few weeks, but I promise we will provide you the metrics so you know your body is responding and moving in the right direction.

I weigh myself twice a day and I am always lighter in the morning, why? Lots of reasons, gravity, dehydration, lack of food…but more importantly I challenge you to HIDE THE SCALE!! How much emotional and mental harm are you doing to yourself by checking twice a day? I say, get rid of the scale, we will take your metrics every 4 weeks, utilizing weight, body fat %, and measurements.

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