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5 Tips to Improve your Workout Routine

We all know we need to exercise. We know how sedentary our lifestyle is. We know exercising is good for our head, heart, gut, hormones, joints, bones and everything in between. BUT do you know how to fit it into a hectic work week, already full schedule and constant changes of life?

I’ve been working in a gym for years and I still have improvements to make on my exercise routine. I know how good I feel when I exercise, I crave mental clarity and energy that comes from exercising and after I feel so accomplished and confident, but the question of how still comes up. Can you relate?

If this sounds like you check out my 5 tips to exercise even when you have a full schedule.

Make it work for you – What is realistic? 5 am Barbell class might not be realistic. Doing 5 quick bodyweight exercises in your living room, more do-able.

Set reminders – alarms on your phone, sticky notes, block it off on your calendar. Take time each week to plan out 2-3 days that you know you can exercise and be specific on what you will do: Yoga at 5:30p on Broadway on Monday. Class at Trivida on Wednesday ? Body weight circuit on Saturday am. Pro tip: Don’t put a recurring time block (too easy to ignore).

Share what you are doing– a gym buddy is extremely helpful but if you don’t have options for a friend to work out with. Tell people that you are focusing on your lifestyle more and you will be working out on Mondays at 4:30 pm. Also, this communication helps you set the intention, then you can put the actions behind that, without intention you are just floating in space with no direction.

Troubleshoot – Really visualize all the actions and what will stop you. How will you get there? What time of day it is? Is there traffic? What will you wear? Do you need snacks/water? What will the kids do? Do you need to communicate with anyone so you can be present during the workout? What thoughts will pull you out of the intention? What will get in your way? How will you overcome that? What are you doing after? How will you recover? (see the blog on recovery) Not only will answering these questions for yourself help you plan, but it takes away the decision making in the moment.

Do what you love – Do you love being outside? Riding bikes or walking? Do you enjoy an intense 30-minute interval? Do you need to be using a punching bag? Are you experiencing high stress and need candlelight yoga? Really knowing what you love and then doing that IS EVERYTHING. I don’t like cardio, so I don’t do it, plain and simple.  You are not going to continue something you don’t like. Spend some time figuring out what you love and go do it! Your body, mind, and heart will thank you!!






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