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Back-To-School Health Guide

Well, the kids are back to school. They are learning and growing, you are getting some time back…There is one tiny problem…. They bring home the germs and sickness, the school CRUD.

Here are some ways to keep your kids (and the whole family) healthy now that school is back in session.

Establish – and keep – a sleep routine.

We all need our sleep, for our mental health but also for our physical health! There are a lot of studies that prove the importance of sleep to health. Just like when the kids were babies, a sleep schedule is really important. Making sure they get proper rest will ensure their immune systems are ready to fight back, (and yours too!)…Check out our “Importance of Sleep” blog about adult sleep needs.

Add movement after school

Or kids spend time in school sitting and learning. After classes lets get them moving! In addition to all of the other well known benefits of movement, your immune system gets a major boost too! Here is a great article describing the connection to movement and the immune system. Do You Know these Immune System Benefits of Exercise?

Feed them for health!

Get the kids involved! Teach them healthy eating habits by getting them involved in the lunch packing process. Need inspiration? 100 Days of real food has your back – Check it out.

Avoid Backpack Injury

They carry these things around all day, it is important they aren’t causing injury the American Chiropractic Association recommends a backpack weigh no more than 10 percent of a child’s weight.

Stop saying “Cover your mouth!”

Teach the Dab when you Sneeze! Not only will you blow the minds of your children with your knowledge of the dab, but you will keep the germs at bay… Here is where we got this tremendous idea.

cover your mouth

When all else fails….

Check out the awesome products from Melaluca! We LOVE their cleaning products but especially the Tough and Tender  and Laundry Detergent (hint hint it is even save on fruit and vegetables).

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