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Do these 5 things every day for a healthier you!


Wonder what things you can do to CHANGE your life? These 5 things will help you take steps toward a healthier you! At the very least they are a great place to start. Of course, digging into each of these will take time to perfect based on your unique health and fitness goals. You know, you are worth it.



– Breathe –
Call it oxygen exchange or mindfulness, either way, you gotta do it.  Keeping your lungs in shape is good for your longevity, immediate health like blood pressure, relieve pain levels and so much more! Remember our 4-7-8 Breathing? This is a good place to start.


 – Hydrate  –
WATER. Start and end your day, every day, with a glass of water. This is simple and will improve digestion, appearance, and your cells ability to heal themselves!


– Eat–
Never go a day without putting good fuel in your body! Be intentional about what you eat. Everyone has different nutritional needs, take care of yours.


 – Sleep –
Are you getting enough sleep each night? Probably not, and you should. Sleep is when your body restores and heals itself! You need sleep people. Make sure you catch enough zzz’s. A rested you will be sharper and make better decisions for your health!


 – Move –
Find way to strech and move your body every day. Just no way around it. use it of lose it applies here. Find time to get a good stretch, a walk, a run, or a workout every day!


At trivida, we have a whole team of folks designed to help you craft the healthy lifestyle you deserve! Team Trivida is here when you are ready!


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