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Excuses, excuses – Overcome the top 5 excuses about your health.

We all do it, we make excuses. Especially about our health. We rationalize or justify our way out of a workout, or into that double bacon cheeseburger. Worse, we often don’t even know that we are making excuses to avoid taking care of ourselves! Are you making excuses about your health?

Check out this list of excuses our experts at Team Trivida are used to battling in the fight for your health.

Top 5 excuses we hear at Team Trivida

  1. I don’t have time.
  2. It’s too expensive.
  3. I don’t know how.
  4. I can’t live without (thing).
  5. I have an injury.

Let’s take these apart and see if you might be using these as an excuse to take care of your health!

I don’t have time

Everyone on the planet has the same amount of time every day. It is how you use those hours is what matters. Creating and sticking to effective routines and schedules may be the key to finding just a few minutes a day for your health.

  • Use grocery pick-up or deliver to save you time in the grocery store.
  • Schedule 30 minutes a day to get a quick work-out in.
  • Have your gym bag packed in your car.
  • Set reminders on your phone to schedule dr.’s appointments.

It’s Too Expensive

There are good options for fitness and nutrition at all price points. The key here is to start moving in the right direction with what you can do. Don’t let this stop you from don’t anything at all. You can make important and lasting change for mo money at all!

  • Meal Prep and make-ahead meals are often way cheaper than eating out!
  • Save money by using bodyweight exercises instead of equipment.
  • Head to local parks instead of joining a gym
  • Find a free “meet-up” for fitness accountability.

I don’t know how

It is really common to feel undereducated about health and wellness. One of Trivida’s core values is Education, we love helping people learn to be their best! In addition to Trivida, your the google machine, head to the library, or hit up your fitness friends.

  • That is why we are here! Trivida will teach, coach, and train you the whole way.
  • Tons of free online resources!
  • Ask your friends and family that know fitness and nutrition!
  • Use it as an opportunity to learn and teach others!

But, I can’t live without ____

First of all, are you being honest with yourself? Which is more important? Enjoying your favorite treat for a moment, or your health and longevity?

  • Try new recipes and ideas to find a new favorite!
  • Adjust to a healthier similar option.
  • Moderation! Limit your intake of the stuff you know isn’t good for you.
  • Work on your mindset, you probably won’t miss it after a while.

Lastly, just want to let you know that – we got you.  We are ridiculously excited about helping people toward their goals. We are a team of experts in Fitness, Nutrition, and Healthcare that come together as your Team Trivida. We know it is hard to make the lifestyle changes that come along with becoming the better healthier version of yourself. So, stop worrying and start doing the work, we are here when you are ready.

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