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A Healthy Handbag

It is that time of year, where the cold and flu is hanging around, and you are getting busier and busier. Keep these things in you bag, backpack, or briefcase to beat the sick-season!


  1. Tissues – Not just for the sniffles, but for the untouchable moments in life.
  2. Hand Sanitizer – Because sometime its too late for the tissue.
  3. A Healthy Sack! – If you are hungry it is too late. Nuts, or a Healthy Snack Bar.
  4. Water – Staying hydrated keeps you healthy, your body need water to keep all of its functions working.
  5. Vitamins! Usually some high quality low-sugar Metholated B complex, and Vitamin C are perfect for this season. Make sure to check with your provider before starting a vitamin regimen. 

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