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STARTING POSITIVE: Daily practice to transform your life.

Here at Trivida we really believe in beginning each day with a positive intention, positive thoughts, and positive talk. Starting Positive matters! We believe this is transformative, and important to your success. #TeamTrivida is committed to lasting, positive change in the life of our clients. We can help you create a daily practice that can be transformative in your life.

One great example of this focused, intentional daily practice is The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. An International Bestseller touted as “The no-so-obvious secret guaranteed to transform your life before 8 AM”, the book describes a quick, daily practice to start your day. According to Hal, the book is “Guaranteed to Transform Your Life”.

Corey and Meghanns Experience:

Corey and Meghann have practiced the Miracle Morning for 2 years, and is certain that starting positive has had a tremendously positive effect on their lives. Before the miracle morning practice, Corey says he would wake up with hectic negative thoughts, feeling frustrated before his feet hit the floor. Now, after 2 years of practicing, he says he wakes up clear headed, and looks forward to waking with a positive frame of mind, setting his intention and focus, he is energized for the day. Corey encourages everyone to “To start, give three minutes each morning to work on your Mental, Emotional and Physical health, you will be happy you did.” So, practicing a positive attitude will start your day on the right track. Even if you have fake it at first, start each day with a positive statement to yourself.


We have to change the internal dialogue

to change to a positive attitude.

If you decide to use The Miracle Morning, or something else, we encourage everyone to begin their morning with an intentional practice of starting positive. As with everything, starting off on the right foot is much easier than correcting mid-way. If you are interested in how Trivida can assist you in positive transformation in your life reach out to us on our contact page. Most of all, Trivida wants to help bring positive change to you, where and how you need it.


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