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Success Stories – George Fischer


I was diagnosed in 1993 with Multiple Sclerosis and knew that I had a long road ahead of me. I have a daughter, Nicole, and wanted to stay healthy for her. I am also a former Army Officer and have a very stubborn mindset. I was not going to let MS get me down. Fast forward to 2006, when I started working with Corey Feldman. Mr. Feldman had a background in Athletic Training and a passion for medicine. With knowledge he was eager to work with me. Every time I fell, he would make sure I was ok and tell me to get back up. He has gotten know me, my attitude and my military mind set, and how to motivate.
By working with Mr. Feldman, I have seen an improvement in my balance, strength, and noticed the effects of MS are not as severe.
When Mr. Feldman began Trivida in 2013, I knew I wanted to train with him. The best part of the Trivida program is the modifications (even if I don’t always want to use them). I have seen my strength increase to levels I never thought possible. My balance continues to improve. I can even keep up with Mr. Feldman. Not only is Mr. Feldman a great trainer, but his background as a Physician Assistant helps him to understand what my body is going through. He is often my back up doctor, a friend, whom I confide in. He will take the time to explain to what all my blood work and test results mean. Mr. Feldman has recommended diet adjustments that have helped with inflammation and other areas that can be effected by my medications. I completed the 21 day Beachbody Ultimate Reset and as a result my tremors have decreased. While weight loss was not a goal, I lost a total of 18 pounds and overall feel great!
Mr. Feldman (Corey) is not only a trainer and mentor, but I have come to see him as friend and someone in whom I can confide in. He is the type of trainer you want, he will take your individual goals and help you reach them with an effective fitness program and balanced nutritional plan.

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