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Success Stories – DeDee Tong

Never Say Never….
I have been “training” in my basement for over 7 years now. A gym membership, I’d been there and done that and was NEVER planning to do it again. My most recent excuses: it’s too far from home, and the classes didn’t fit my schedule, so why waste my money! Yet, I still seek a new workout routine to keep challenging my body to stay in shape. I realize that physical activity is only part of the equation. As the resident chef and food critic in our house, I guard my family against hydrogenated fats, GMO’s and keep it organic whenever possible. Exercise and eating right are a top priority in our household.
So why did I decide to join Corey on his Trivida adventure? I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted doing it on my own. I hit the dreaded plateau. It was time to add in accountability, teamwork, and encouragement from others into my workout routine. Better yet, Corey’s classes fit my busy schedule as a working mom.
After 6 months of heart pounding, foot kicking, strength increasing, yoga inspired workouts, the results are in. My 5’4” frame used to carry 124 lbs. Now I feel light and lean at 114 lbs including a decrease of more than 6 inches all over. Corey’s inspiring Trivida workouts provided me the right combination of cross training to take me the next level of fitness. Of course it’s not always easy, but Corey and the rest of my team keep me moving in the right direction.

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