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Success Stories – Julie R.



After moving to Colorado last August, I spent my first five months here working way too much and making bad food choices. I decided that I needed more balance in my life and wanted to take steps to become healthier and stronger. I am the type of person that needs a support system and likes challenges. If I go to the gym on my own, I tend not to push myself and fall into ruts with my workouts. Joining Trivida seemed like the best way to get what I needed.

I love how supportive, energetic, and committed both Meghann and Corey both are on a daily basis. The workouts are always challenging and constantly changing. I love how they both go out of their way to modify exercises when necessary and know how much to push each individual person. I definitely feel like they care about me as a person.

I have lost about 25 pounds and numerous inches. I feel stronger and more confident. My A1C (blood sugar) has dropped drastically-even to the point that it shocked my doctor how much it had improved in just three months.

Just do it. Yes, it is a financial and time commitment but your health is worth it. Trivida is personalized to your needs and goals. You will feel comfortable working out there and make great friends while you are at it.

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