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Success Stories – Renee Johnson


I have been an active sport player my entire life playing competitive softball, basketball and volleyball. About 7 years ago, when I was 16 years old, I began developing horrible knee pain in both my knees and was not able to participate in my sports as much as I wanted to anymore. I sought out any advice I possibly could to get a diagnosis on my knees to try and receive a diagnosis. After 7 years of pain and suffering and 4 surgeries, I still have very little relief in my knees. After those knee surgeries, I just wanted to give up thinking there was nothing else to do.
I was introduced to Trivida a little less than a year ago (2014) and sought out advice on my knee from Corey Feldman, PA-C in February 2015. My first appointment with Corey lasted almost 2 hours while he looked at every single aspect of what could possibly be causing me so much discomfort. I knew from that point, that Trivida was where I wanted to be for my personal wellbeing.
I started training with Trivida shortly after that first appointment with Meghann once a week for 30 minutes and eventually worked up to twice a week for an hour each with both Meghann and Corey. I have officially been training with Trivida for about 4 months now and I have gained so much from it.
When I started training, my main goal was to lose weight and to be able to regain the function in my knee that I was starting to lose. I was not motivated to do this on my own, so I knew I needed someone to be there to push me along the way. Meghann and Corey have been there to support me and do just that. Not only do they push me in the gym twice a week, but also they have pushed me to change my diet. I have tried so many new things that I have ended up liking and they have been much healthier for me.
Since I started training, I have lost about 15 pounds and about 10 inches off my body. I have dropped about 4 pant sizes and gained so much energy in my day-to-day life. Just recently, I was able to run a short distance for the first time in 7 years, which was a huge success. To this day, I am at my lowest weight that I have been in the longest time and I can’t thank Meghann, Corey and Trivida more for all of their help and support.
I love having both Meghann and Corey as a trainer because of the amazing support they provide both physically and mentally. They have both become some pretty good friends in my life and I have been able to talk to them about a lot of stuff. I travel about an hour to Trivida every time I go because of the family-oriented environment there and how friendly everyone is. I have been to many gyms in my life and nobody is as friendly and supportive as Trivida.
As I move on to graduate school in Boston, Meghann and Corey are going to continue to train me through their new online training program, which is an awesome opportunity if you are worried about distance to Trivida. If you are on the fence about joining a gym and are not sure which one to join, Trivida is the path to take to success. Let Meghann and Corey impact your life the way they have impacted mine!

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