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Why functional medicine?

Functional medicine is similar to traditional medicine, but functional medicine is about ensuring the quality of health and life is at its highest. Conventional medicine focuses on attacking a disease once it is affecting the body. However, functional medicine prevents it before it comes on through a healthy lifestyle. 

Why functional medicine?

Keeps you healthy rather than focusing on preventing death

Conventional medicine focuses on preventing death, but it does not focus on preventing the illness before you have it. It is not the best approach to wait until there is an emergency to diagnose a disease or illness. Function medicine focuses on improving the quality of life overall.

It is tailored to each individual 

Medicine is not something that can be created for the general public, which is what general medicine has tried to do. Functional medicine tailors each program to the individual. It uses advanced testing and genetics, but also listens to each person’s body to create the right plan for that person.

It is advanced

In conventional medicine, it takes many years for new information to become accepted or listened to. Instead, using functional medicine, it is possible to take new research and adapt those to the methods of health and treatment.

The patient feels better

Many times symptoms like gas, bloating, rashes, fatigue, and insomnia are ignored in standard medicine. In functional medicine, the doctor works to eliminate any type of symptoms by bringing your body to its optimal functioning level. This works to improve everything from energy, to quality of life, as well as weight. 

Lives are changed

Functional medicine focuses on teaching the patient to be more than just a patient. Function medicine teaches the patient how to listen to their own body and become more healthy than ever before. How you live each day will affect how you live your life and the quality of life you can enjoy. This is what functional medicine strives to do. It hopes to teach each person how to live well and maintain the life they want to lead. This is the result of positive changes in food, habits, and attitude. 

At our Denver Functional Health practice, we focus on changing all aspects of your life in order to push you to a healthier future. This is what we believe functional medicine is all about. 

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