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21 Ways to make the most of a snowy day

Its easy on a cold and snowy day to curl up on the couch with Netflix, a cup of cocoa, and only get up for a snack. Sometimes, that’s really nice. However, all the times, that’s not good for anyone. So what to do when your typical activities are out because of weather – for those of us that don’t love blowing snow and frigid fingers? Well, try to make use of the time to accomplish something that is beneficial for your life, family, and goals. Here is a great starter list that covers physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness!

21 Snow Day Activities

  1. Play scrabble or a game of cards with your family.
  2. Read a great book that teaches you something new.
  3. Crosswords or sudoku
  4. Write a letter to someone
  5. Craft projects!
  6. Yoga
  7. Stretch
  8. Climb the stairs
  9. Body weight exercises (i.e., push-up, sit-up, jumping-jacks)
  10. Build a snowman (wear gloves!)
  11. Go sledding
  12. Clean out the medicine cabinet
  13. Take stock and update the first aid kit
  14. Meal plan
  15. Cleanout the fridge and pantry (go ahead and throw out that expired icing)
  16. Update favorite recipes to a healthier version
  17. Meditate or pray
  18. Journal
  19. Take a bath
  20. Get extra rest (and cuddles)
  21. Tack care of that nagging chore and mark it off your to-do list.

Get creative, and challenge yourself to make the most out of the day. You’ll be happier at the end of the day that you made part of it productive toward things that make you a better you! Remember, “When you kill time, remember that it has no resurrection.” – Aiden Wilson Tozer. At Trivida health is wealth and movement is medicine. We hope that you make the most of every day, even snowy ones!



Megan Johnson is a Denver based Integrative Life Coach you can learn more at www.MeganJohnsonCoaching.com

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