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Geoff Miller

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Two years ago, I tore my shoulder labrum and have been suffering since then. I tried topical treatments and typical over-the-counter pain management solutions, but nothing helped. I figured it was just a pain I would have to live with. Slowly my shoulder became more tight and it was harder to get full range of motion without severe pain. My wife had been seeing Corey Feldman and mentioned my shoulder, Corey shared a possible solution called PRP. I had never heard of it, but after a consultation with Corey, I was confident that we could get some relief from the pain and maybe some range of motion back. Anything was better than what I was living with at the time. After the first treatment, I was amazed. My shoulder had not felt that good in years. I completed about 2 months of treatments with Corey and followed the rehabilitation program at home. I would say, my shoulder is 80% better after just 2 month. I will be honest, I was skeptical at first. I am an active person and have always followed more traditional approaches to illness and injury. But Corey made me a believer. If you are sick of living in pain and want a solution that doesn’t require surgery – I encourage you to talk to Corey. He is honest, up front with expectations, and he will push you – but ultimately it is all worth it for a great outcome in the end.


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