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Goals are great! We believe in goals and setting them is an important and really beneficial step in getting wherever it is that you want to go. However, you won’t be successful if you just make the goal and do nothing to get yourself there. I know, that’s pretty obvious, but think about it. You have probably set lots of goals, but what percentage have you reached? If you are like most people (92% of people as a fact) you haven’t reached many of them.


  • Write them down! So simple, but it makes a HUGE difference. According to EcoWellness people who write down their goals have 80% higher success rate of achieving them. That is certainly worth doing! Write them in your journal, planner, or on a sticky note. Just put the pen on a paper and make the words appear.
  • Stay focused. Humans so the worst at focus. I mean, our attention span is terrible and getting worse, and we get excited about something new, and forget about that last thing we were doing – you know something SHINY! So post them where you will see it – Vision boards are great for this. Make it part of your daily routine to look at your goals, think about them, and remind yourself of that focus.
  • Actually, take action. Do the things you need to do to get there! Again, simple and obvious. But really think about what you are doing with your time, energy, and resources. Are your actions leading you in the directions of your goals, or away from it? Have you broken the goal down into milestones and actions steps that it takes to achieve whatever it is you are trying to do?

Apply these goal superchargers and before you know it you are going to go from the Goal-setter and part of “92 % of people don’t reach their goals”  to amazing yourself as a Goal Getter! If your goals are to eat better, drop some extra weight, move more, find happiness, simplify, or make major changes the brilliant thing is all you gotta do is set the goal, create the plan, and do the work and your most of the way there!

Megan Johnson is a life coach who helps people live fearlessly authentic lives and achieve colossal goals.
For more from Megan, and to download her GOAL GETTER METHOD visit www.MeganJohnsonCoaching.com

Megan Johnson Life Coach

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