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Health & Wellness Open House Vendor Contacts

Thank you for joining us at our January Health & Wellness Open House! We had a great time and if you would like to connect with any of the vendors we had present, please check out below.

Trivida Functional Medicine
Corey Feldman, PA-C and Gina Dattoli, MD
Nutritionist: Mollie Colpitt, CPT
Personal Trainer: Andy Adams, CSCS, PN1
Office: (720) 428-8312 

100% Chiropractic Office
Dr. Tara & Dr. Anna
Brittany Roza,
Office: (303) 607-6066 

B Well Massage & Cupping
Brade Small, LMT
Office: (303) 607-6066

BEMER – Dr. Jim Weathers
Office: (630) 309-1993

NeuFit – Austin Kent
Office: (512) 694-4787

Sky Ridge Compounding Pharmacy
Adam McHenry, PharmD
Office: (303) 468-0303 

Financial Services
Jim Molloy – Waddel and Reed
Office: (303) 626-2443

doTERRA Essential Oils
Tanette Schneider

Kangen Water 
Jennifer Tursso

Vibe Superfoods
Store: (303) 662-1723

Migraine Strategist
Dr. Lindsay Weitzel

Sleep and Sleep Apnea Specialist
Vivos Highlands Ranch
Office: (866) 848-6720

Integrative Life Coach
Megan Johnson

Melaluca Wellness
Cathy Reilly – Sharing the Shine

Neora: Anti-Aging Inside and Out
Ann Brecke

Highlands Ranch Family Acupuncture
Lisa Dronen, LAc
Office: (303) 346-4426

Zeal – Food for Enthusiasts
Restaurant: (720) 708-6309

iLs: Integrated Listening Systems

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