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Trivida Turns Three | Trivida Functional Medicine

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Trivida Turns Three

Where it all began…

So a couple of weeks ago, Meghann shared her story on how she found Trivida, became a instructor, and eventually became a coach. With our 3rd Birthday coming up this week we wanted to share Trivida’s story with you!!

About 8 years ago, Corey had an idea while in PA school. He wanted to combine his love of athletic training, with his new credentials. He kept the idea in the back of his mind and continued with school, going straight into a family practice clinic. It was in those early days of prescribing pills for cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure that the vision became clearer. Corey was merely providing a long lasting Band-Aid, but he wasn’t making any real headway.

Fast forward a few  years and a few different positions as a PA and Corey truly saw how he could help people. He needed to prescribe the medication to prevent further damage to the organs, but he also wanted to see these patients make the necessary lifestyle changes to manage their chronic conditions on their own. But he had to have time to show them! The traditional insurance based family practice would only allow him a few minutes with each patient and maybe a few more to give suggestions, but he couldn’t monitor them or provide the accountability they needed. Around the same time, Corey bought P90X and started doing the workouts. Then a friend mentioned a certification to become a P90X Instructor. Corey was an early adopter of what are now several Beachbody Live formats. This idea played out in the mind for a couple of years, a brand was created and now this idea had a name.

Trivida, Tri being three and vida is life in Spanish, the three pillars of life, nutrition, fitness and healthcare. Starting an endeavor was harder than the idea itself. Where would the classes be, how would Trivida find members? Enter Meghann…she had time and was business savvy.

We started Trivida on June 4th, 2013 at ATA FMA in Aurora. The open house brought in 15-20 people and what we thought would grow slowly was easily 10 people on day one. A close friend and cherished client went out and bought weights so Trivida could run class because we had way more people than we expected! We started with a about 200 sq feet of mat space and slowly overtook the entire martials arts floor 3 nights a week! We had 20-25 members in each class! We knew we had to plan for the next step, but didn’t know if we wanted to duplicate it in area martial arts studio or if it was time for our own space. After a quick “legally questionable” temporary location, we knew we needed our own space!

One year after our first open house, we signed a lease on Smoky Hill for 1,800 square feet of Trivida’s future. It had been vacant for 2 years, so it was trashed and also provided sewage back-up for a busted pipe (how fun)! We cleaned, painted and scraped every surface. We put every penny of our savings into opening this studio, buying equipment, and making it feel like home. Oh how I wish you could have seen it when we first viewed the place!

We continued with a group format while also slowly adding in our medical and nutrition components. Over time we realized we needed to focus on our original Mission and Vision.

  1. We wanted to build a COMMUNITY where everyone felt like family.
  2. We wanted to EMPOWER our clients to become the person they hope for
  3. We wanted to effect real CHANGE, either with weight loss or relief of chronic conditions, and
  4. We wanted to have FUN doing it!

After research and connecting with other professionals that had similar goals, we realized that Personal Training was going to be the best way to achieve all the above! We made the heart wrenching decision to retire our group classes in an effort to focus on growing Trivida with our underlying values. That was the toughest day ever, as we said good-bye to many who had supported us from day one and whom we had become very close friends and family with! To those of you who are reading this and know who you are, we miss you presence every day!

THREE Years in and we are empowering clients, seeing HUGE CHANGES, having fun every step of the way, and we are so proud of the COMMUNITY we have at Trivida! Whether  you have been a valued member, stopped in for a sports physical or medical visit, or attended a class or kickstart…we THANK YOU!

The people make Trivida what it is and you have truly allowed us to LIVE OUR DREAM! We celebrate this year as a milestone, 50-80% of businesses fail within the first 3 years and we fought this statistic every day! We have made it and we are growing. With a wonderful community like you, we continue to grow and provide even more to our clients! THANK YOU!!

Join us Saturday, June 4th from 9am-1pm for food, workouts, smoothies, chair massages and more!

Leave us a comment below and let us know how we have affected your life?!

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