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What is a Spore-based Probiotic?

A spore-based probiotic is a unique formulation of microbiome-friendly gut bacteria that helps to maintain optimal gut barrier function. Spore-based pertains to the specific source from which the probiotic is formulated and the unique way it works to support gut health.

In a spore-based gut health product, the probiotic is derived from Bacillus spores, which have a bi-phasic life cycle. This life cycle allows the spores to remain dormant until they reach the large intestine where they can exert beneficial effects in the gastrointestinal tract. The spores promote microbial diversity and help to maintain key health-promoting gut bacteria.

Here’s how this works differently from other types of probiotics. Spore-based probiotics remain dormant from the time you ingest them until they reach the large intestine. This means you don’t lose potency in the stomach or small intestine during digestion. Once inside the large intestine, the dormant spores “awaken” into their active forms and begin colonizing in the gut. This helps to recondition the gut, rather than just “reseeding” the gut the way other probiotic strains (that don’t survive digestion) do.

Because of the unique action of spore-based probiotics, you’ll want to be sure you are taking the proper dose at the right time. Work with a holistic health provider to discuss concerns you have for gut health and how a spore-based probiotic may be of benefit for you.


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