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Four ways to combat the holiday Sugarcopia


Welcome to sugarcoapia friends. The last two months of the year where all things sugar (and gluten) take over our grocery carts, dinner menus, and go-to snacks. For most of us, this is probably not-so-good for our health goals. So, lets talk about somethings you can do to stave off the unhealthy parts of the season,.

1 – Get it away

Sometimes you just have to get the candy out of the house! (or it’s gone by morning, not from experience or anything…right). Consider donating it to Soldier Angels and share the love with our troops! angles

2 – Add movement

On days that indulge make sure you add in an extra 30 min of movement. That can be a nice walk, running the stairs or doing jumping jack on commercial breaks, or getting in they gym – Your waistline will thank you.

3 – Make good choices

When you are making treats choose a healthier option. Here are a few from the past you might – probably will – love!

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Tarts

Turkey Meatballs

Hot Chocolate (Dairy Free!)

4 – Pay attention!

Friends, be aware of what you are putting in your body. Sometimes that alone will help you stay on track. We get caught up at holiday parties, lunch pot-lucks, and all the other wonderful parts of the season without realizing we can very easily double our calorie counts.

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